We have a number MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) or Cherry Pickers available for hire.

The Manitou MEWP is the most sophisticated machine of its type. It is the ultimate inspection machine. As with all of our machines, it is as comfortable working on road as it is on rail.

The Manitou can be used in a number of different ways:

It can be used for inspections. A 3D basket can be fitted. This 3D basket allows the Manito to sit on the top of the bridge, extend its arm out over the bridge and rotate the basket (containing up to 200Kg- two men & tools) under the bridge. It is so versatile that it can be used to inspect the bridge that it is sitting on.

Below (left) is a picture of the Manitou, sitting on a rail bridge with the boom extended out and under the bridge. The operator has full control of the machine while standing in the basket. There is also a larger 1000kg basket that can be used for inspections and to carry out work. A picture below (right) shows the Manitou being used to inspect the ceiling of a tunnel with the 1000kg man basket attached.

Manitou in tunnelManitou with 3D basket under bridge

The Manitou can also be used as a crane for any hard to reach areas. It is capable of lifting loads of up to 5 ton. The Manitou can also be fitted with pallet forks and used to transport pallets of materials to any hard to reach work sites. It can be operated via remote control from outside the machine, meaning the operator is able to stand in a safe position and see the entire site while operating the “crane”. Below (left) is a picture of the Manitou with the boom fully extended (21 metres) and a picture (below right) of the Manitou on the rails, fitted with pallet forks.

Manitou with boom extended        Manitou on rails

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