Rail Jeeps are available to hire.

These are Land Rover Defender 4×4 jeeps. The jeeps have been modified so that they are suitable for rail travel. The jeeps are fitted with rail wheels that can be lowered into place when the jeep arrives at the railway. In under a minute the jeep can go from a road traveling jeep, into a road rail vehicle that is capable to traveling long distances carrying up to 11 people.

The jeeps are used for transporting personnel to work sites that are not accessible by road. They can also be used to inspect the line. Because of the nature of the work, each rail jeep is fitted with eight extra spot lights which light up all four corners so that all areas of the track are visible.

Rail Jeep

The Rail Jeeps come in Various sizes:
3 Passenger – large storage compartment
6 Passenger – large storage comapartmet
9 Passenger – Limited storage
11 Passenger – No Storage

The Rail Jeeps have also been used to carry out a number of operations on the railway, some of these are:
Ultrasonic testing: To search for cracks in the rail
Sandite distribution: To spread a sandite mixture (sand, aluminium and a unique type of adhesive). this mixture is spread on the rail to give the train better traction.