We have a large number of Dumpers  available for hire.  View Pictures of the dumpers in our Gallery.


Road Rail Dumpers: Available in 10 and 12 ton. These dumpers have been modified to work in the railway environment. They are so versatile that they can be used on both road and rail. with the flick of a switch, the dumper turns from a road travelling vehicle into a road rail vehicle. These Dumpers come in both single and double seater cab. This allows a supervisor or charge person to accompany the machine operator while the dumper is in rail mode.

Tthe dumpers have a 3-way tipping body which allows the operator to dump spoil or ballast out either side or the back. The dumpers are also fitted with extra spotlights as alot of the work is carried out at night.


The road rail dumpers can also be attached to two 25 ton 3 way tipping ballast(stone) trailers and used to transport ballast over long or short distances. The ballast can then be tipped out on either side or out the rear of the trailer using a handle located in the cab of the dumper.

Dumper tipping ballast from 3 way tipping trailer

Larger 25 ton dumpers are also available for site clearance work.

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